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8 Things You’ll Need For A Successful Crochet Business

A crochet business above all needs…. LOVE OF THE CRAFT! So if you want to turn your favorite fiber arts hobby into a successful crochet business then follow along for everything you’ll need. I focus mostly on digital pattern sales & brand collaborations so everything will be from that perspective!

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Yarn & Crochet Hooks

Okay I know the first one seems a bit obvious, but I said I’d list everything! You’re going to need your favorite yarn and crochet hooks to get started.  Some of my favorite yarns are Wonderfluff from WeCrochet, The Petite Wool from We Are Knitters, and any & all Sewrella Yarn (trust me, try it, it’ll change your life!).  And it will surprise no one when I say my favorite crochet hooks are Furls! Check out this post to learn why!

Stitch Dictionary

A stitch dictionary is such an underrated part of a successful crochet business. I would be LOST without mine.  I use it for almost every one of my designs.  Whenever I get a new yarn, I’ll simply flip through my stitch dictionary to find a stitch that inspires me.   I use the Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary which I LOVE! However, there are tons of other great options on Amazon if you’re looking for something different.  The reason I love the one I have is because not only does it contain easy-to-follow directions for tons of beautiful crochet stitches, but it also gives directions on how to complete an increase or decrease for each of the stitches for either the middle or end of a row/round.  I can’t express enough how useful that information is for designing crochet sweaters

Camera (phone or DSLR) + Camera Editing

Next up… a CAMERA! You can use either a “real” camera or just your phone! If you’re starting a crochet business, you need to show off your fabulous products, which means you need STELLAR photos. Check out my Crochet Photography Guide for all the tips, tricks, & tutorials needed for fabulous photos!  Look at the photos below to see what a difference some very simple photo editing makes! (Also, if you love this cardigan, it’s the Wildflower Cardigan, be sure to check it out!


If you’ve not used Canva before, you NEED it in your business. It’s an online graphic design tool that makes pattern writing, social media posts, & logo design a breeze. I use it for EVERY single pattern I release. It really lets you design showstopping pattern templates, as well as design Pinterest Pins and Instagram Story templates.

Platforms to Market your Designs

Some of the best platforms to design to market your designs are Instagram, Pinterest, & TikTok. I HIGHLY suggest you use all 3 so you can reach a larger audience. But perhaps the most important platform is YOUR OWN BLOG. A blog gives you a space of your own to share your content. Not only do you have creative freedom, but your content has a much longer lifespan and that means it can reach, impact, and help more people for a lot longer.

Successful Crochet Business


Oh Tailwind… where do I even begin? I can’t express how much I LOVE Tailwind. It’s a Pinterest and Instagram post scheduling tool that helps you strategically schedule posts and discover new content. You can schedule Pinterest Pins and Instagram posts MONTHS in advance. Most businesses don’t *manually* post their Pins or Instagram posts – they schedule them (myself included!). It allows you to spend more time on the things you love, like crocheting!

Email List

You may be thinking, “why is an email list separate from the rest of the marketing platforms?”  The reason is because it is the MOST IMPORTANT way to market your patterns.  The reason is because it is the only thing you actually own. Another great reason to have an email list is i… I use Flodesk, which I’m obsessed with. It’s so intuitive to use and the email templates are absolutely gorgeous.

Organization = the ultimate key to a successful crochet business

Organization sounds oh so cliche, but bear with me! Designing, pattern testing, running a business, and crocheting in general requires you to be organized. My favorite way to do this is through the GoodNotes app on iPad. It lets me draw schematics for patterns, make to-do lists, read & annotate patterns, & have a calendar to edit & reference.

If you want to learn something specific about how to run a successful crochet business, let me know through email or Instagram! Let’s learn something together! I would LOVE to hear from you!

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