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Are Furls crochet hooks worth it? Let’s take a look!

Just like an artist needs a high quality and reliable paint brush, a crocheter needs a high quality and reliable hook. Using a well-made hook is essential to getting the best results with your crochet projects. For that reason, I make sure to always use a high quality hook from Furls Crochet, my favorite brand of crochet hooks. Now you may be asking yourself “are Furls crochet hooks worth it?” The answer is YES. 1000X YES.

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Crochet with Ease!

Furls hooks have a ton of qualities that make them ideal for any project. Most practically, they have thick handles that make them very ergonomic, which means that they feel natural to hold. This excellent design attribute prevents hand cramps, unlike basic hooks that can cause discomfort with extended use. Because Furls hooks are so comfortable to use, I can crochet for longer and much more pleasantly. If you are someone who has passed on crocheting because of hand or wrist problems, a hook from Furls may allow you to discover – or rediscover – your passion for crocheting.

The thicker handles also make it easier to crochet more difficult stitches. For example, slip stitches tend to be very tight and difficult to crochet into, but the sturdiness of Furls hooks makes it a breeze. You can see how competently a Furls hook handles the particularly tough stitch in my Snow Day Sweater.

Are Furls crochet hooks worth it

Crochet beautiful projects with beautiful hooks

In addition to being incredibly comfortable and useful, Furls hooks are also extremely good looking. With emphasis on both form and function, Furls hooks come in a wide spectrum of colors and materials to match anyone’s personality and decor. I have a set of Streamline Resin in Café and they are my number one, go-to hooks for almost any project (I use them for every single one of my crochet projects!). They even sell a very nicely made wooden collector’s box with a glass top to show off your hooks when you’re not using them. Furls hooks allow your tools to be as artful and beautiful as your creations.

Are Furls crochet hooks worth it

The Streamline Resin hooks are mid-weight hooks, but they also offer Streamline Wood, which is lighter, and Odyssey, which is heavier. I have used all three, and they all have gotten great results. All 3 are fabulous hooks, but my personal favorite (if you can’t already tell from a picture of my entire collection) is the Streamline Resin. The mid-weight hooks feels great in my hand, without being too heavy. I feel like I can crochet SUPER fast whenever I use them too. Plus, I’m obsessed with the cafe colors, because they remind me of a nice espresso and milk, and I LOVE coffee.

So, are Furls crochet hooks worth it? Yes!

If you are looking to upgrade your hook game with some expert-quality hooks, Furls Crochet hooks are your best bet. These gorgeous and well-designed hooks will make your projects the very best they can be!



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Are Furls crochet hooks worth it

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