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The Ultimate Cozy Fall Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Are you looking for a fabulous fall crochet cardigan pattern?! Then the Ava Cardigan is the crochet project for you!

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  • If you want an ad-free PDF of this pattern, then you can find it on Ravelry and Etsy – keep reading for more information about the design process for the crochet cardigan pattern!
  • Use the pattern hashtag #TheAvaCardigan on Instagram to show off your makes!
  • If you want the Lion Brand Jeans yarn, then find it here!
  • Shop the Furls Streamline Resin Hook here!
  • If you have any pattern questions, then please email herrstitches@gmail.com.
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A Fall Favorite Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Folks, I have some exciting news for you: today is the first day of Fall 2021. Though it may not feel like it just yet (it’s still pretty warm here in Philadelphia), the cool autumn weather is on its way and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to go into your closet and start dusting off the Fall clothes – your coziest sweaters, your comfiest leggings, your warmest socks.

A tremendous new addition to those fall classics would be the timeless and quintessential Ava Cardigan. This understated crochet cardigan features a simple design that gels with almost any autumn outfit, making it the perfect cardigan to leave by the door for effortless, last-minute style. The crochet design also features four optional buttons that can be fully functional, simply decorative, or omitted entirely. The Ava Cardigan is constructed with Lion Brand Jeans Yarn, a worsted weight yarn that is super soft and sold in a palette of muted colors that suit the cardigan’s subtle design (I used the colorway Top Stitch!). Like a pair of jeans, this yarn is designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

crochet cardigan pattern

The Stitch

The main stitch used in creating the Ava Cardigan is the griddle stitch, which creates an amazing fabric that’s thick and plushy. This stitch basically consists of alternating single crochet and double crochet stitches. At first when I learned this stitch, I was nervous that alternating stitches would require me to “pay attention” to my crochet a bit more than I’d like. But you actually get into a nice rhythm with it and now it’s become my favorite stitch! The result of this crochet stitch is a surface that looks almost like a textured fabric instead of crocheted loops, making it extra warm for crisp and breezy days. (If you LOVE the griddle stitch like me, check out the Wildflower Cardigan!) The stitch used for the cuffs and trim is the backloop single crochet, so it’s nice and simple!

The Hook

The hook I used for this project was the Furls Streamline Resin in Café. These hooks are ideal for complicated stitches, as they have thick handles allowing you to work with the yarn more easily. These hooks also prevent hand cramps, allowing you to crochet for longer (like for the entirety of a Sunday afternoon football game!) The Café colorway is great (my personal favorite!), but there are a ton of other amazing options on their website (check out my review of 3 of the Furls crochet hooks here!).

crochet cardigan pattern

I hope you loved this crochet cardigan pattern!

Happy Fall, everyone! Enjoy your apple picking and pumpkin carving and leaf crunching! Don’t forget to bring a sweater!



P.S. I absolutely LOVE seeing your makes! If you make any Herr Stitches patterns, then tag me and then I’ll share them!

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crochet cardigan pattern

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