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Cozy & Cuddly Crochet Hoodie Pattern for Beginners

crochet hoodie pattern

Do you love snuggling up in a warm, cozy hoodie on a cold day? What if I told you that you could make your own, with just a few skeins of bulky weight yarn and a crochet hook? Get ready to channel your inner craftiness and learn how to make a cute and cozy crochet hoodie that will be your go-to garment for the upcoming cold months. So grab your yarn and let’s get started!

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  • If you want the Winter Issue of Crochet Foundry Magazine, then you can find it here!
  • If you want this crochet hoodie pattern, then you can find it on Etsy or Ravelry OR get an even bigger discount HERE where you can get 2 PATTERNS for the price of 1!
  • Use the pattern hashtag #BonfireSnugglesHoodie on Instagram to show off your makes!
  • Shop WeCrochet Billow here!
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  • If you have any pattern questions, then please email herrstitches@gmail.com.
  • The pattern has been tech edited and pattern tested, so you can be sure there are detailed instructions too!
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crochet hoodie pattern

Easy Crochet Hoodie

Introducing the perfect accompaniment for your cozy campfire evenings: the Bonfire Snuggles Hoodie! This rustic yet cute winter essential is not just about aesthetics and comfort, it’s also designed for the beginner crocheter in mind. Even if you’re new to the world of crochet, you can easily create your own piece with basic stitches. Indulge in the joy of creating something beautiful with your own hands, while adding a touch of homemade charm to your winter ensemble. Not only was it featured in the Winter Issue of Crochet Foundry Magazine but it’s size-inclusive (XS-5XL!) too! Whether it’s your first time crocheting a garment or your 1000th, the Bonfire Snuggles Hoodie is sure to be a joy to make!

crochet hoodie pattern

Bulky Weight Yarn

The yarn I used for this crochet hoodie is from none other than the fabulous WeCrochet! Specifically, it’s called Billow, which is a weight 5 bulky yarn, in the color Ice Lily. It’s made of 100% Pima Cotton, which creates a beautiful and soft fabric when worked up.  The best part is that the yarn has a rustic look to it, as the strands go from thick to thin texture throughout the skein.   This creates a stunning and unique look for all projects made with it. Not only is it great for people with sensitive skin, but it also comes in 24 colors!

crochet hoodie pattern

Hook for Crochet Hoodie Pattern

If you followed my blog for any length of time, I’m sure you can assume which brand of hook I used! It was a Furls Crochet hook, of course! I used a J/6mm Furls Odyssey Hook. I had never used an Odyssey hook before this project, and I was very impressed with how sturdy the hook was. It’s quite heavy, but I found that the weight makes it easier and faster to crochet. I also love that this hook comes in so many different colors (13 to be exact!). Personally, I used the white hook for my project, but I have my eye on the bright Lime one for future projects. If you’ve never used a Furls hook before, check out my blog post here comparing 3 different types of Furls hooks.

Basic Stitches & Skill Level

I would consider this project to be great for advanced beginner crocheters. This hoodie pattern consists solely of basic stitches: single crochet stitches & double crochet stitches. This makes it a great mindless and easy project (perfect to work on as your watching your favorite TV show or movie!).

Gauge Swatch

Do you want to see if you already have the perfect yarn in your stash for this crochet hoodie project before diving in? Here is the gauge swatch:

10 sc by 13 rows = 4” square (I used a 6.0 mm crochet hook for mine!)

Wait! Don’t forget the stitch marker!

Stitch markers play an indispensable role in ensuring exactitude through your crafting journey. Using stitch markers can transform your crocheting experience, increasing your productivity by reducing errors and aiding in pattern tracking. Now, imagine using a cute, sparkly stitch marker. This isn’t just a practicality—it’s an enhancement, a sprinkle of joy to your work routine. The glimmering sparkle serves as a delightful reward for each stitch, making the task less tedious and more enjoyable. It’s about aligning functionality with fun, creating a harmonious blend that intensifies your craft and personal style. So if you’re going to make the this fabulous crochet hoodie pattern, be sure to check out some stitch markers to help you keep track of your stitches! 😉

crochet gift

I hope you enjoy this fabulous easy crochet hoodie pattern!



P.S. I absolutely LOVE seeing your makes! If you make any Herr Stitches patterns, then tag me and I’ll share them!

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