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Crochet Sweater Pattern: Happy Stripes Pullover

An easy crochet sweater pattern that stands out from the rest! The result is a simple, fun, modern crochet sweater that you’ll love!

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Crochet Sweater Pattern

Remember the Happy Stripes Cardigan? Well, like any other timeless classic, it has been remade. The same effortless, vintage style that makes Happy Stripes so special is now available in a pullover. Think of if it as Happier Stripes – perhaps even Joyous Stripes or Elated Stripes. OK, those names are kind of strange…let’s just call it the Happy Stripes Pullover. This remake stays true to the source material, with the same cool 50s inspired looks as the original. It features the trademark stripes at the elbows and cabled edging on the hem and sleeves.

The pullover makes use of the same single crochet stitch that is used for its cardigan sibling. It is the most basic of stitches, allowing true beginners to partake in the joy of Happy Stripes. I love simple patterns that make use of easy stitches because the end result is so impressive compared to the level of actual complexity.

crochet sweater pattern


I have also used the same yarn for the pullover version, a cotton-polyester blend called Lion Brand Comfy Cotton. It is machine washable, allowing you to wear your Happy Stripes Pullover without fear. I used the “Whipped Cream” color so that the bright stripes popped and contrasted, but there over a dozen great options. Choosing one of the multi-color styles could allow you to pick sleeve stripe colors that complement the colors in the body of the sweater. The sleeve stripes are also a great opportunity work in a favorite color or favorite yarn or to use up some leftovers in your stash!

Crochet Hook

To construct the garment, I used one of my old reliable Furls Streamline hooks. They have thick grips that prevent hand cramps so you can throw on Netflix, light a candle, and blast out hours of crochet without having to take a break. They also look lovely too! (Check out this post I did on Furls Crochet hooks to find out more information on why I think they’re fabulous!)

crochet sweater pattern

There is a ton of cool stuff you can do with these twin patterns. You can have a pullover version and a cardigan version in identical colors and confuse your friends when you wear one after the other. “Wasn’t that sweater a cardigan yesterday?” You can be #twinning with your best friend who can’t stand cardigans but loves pullovers (in this scenario, you love cardigans). You make both the cardigan and the pullover but in different colors and become known as that cool person who always has stripes on their sleeves. Truly, the possibilities are endless with the Happy Stripes Pullover.



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