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The Ultimate Cool Fall Crochet Patterns to Keep You Cozy!

Ladies and gentlemen, your girl has finally done it: Herr Stitches is going to be featured in a magazine. Which magazine you may ask? Vogue? Newsweek? No, much better: Crochet Foundry! Crochet Foundry is an awesome publication that showcases the latest designs from some of the crocheting world’s best makers. Sponsored by WeCrochet and Furls, it is an extremely high quality and worth-the-read magazine full of great new size-inclusive patterns. Crochet Foundry will be your one stop shop for all your Fall crochet patterns! Each issue has a theme, and for this issue, the Fall 2021 Edition, the theme is “desert boho” – think of hip festivals in the Sonoran, endless red sand with low mountains looming in the distance, styles inspired by the free-spirited side of the American Southwest.

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Before we begin, here are some quick links for you:

  • If you want the Fall 2021 Issue of Crochet Foundry Magazine, then you can find it here!
  • If you want this crochet cardigan pattern on Etsy, then you can find it here!
  • Use the pattern hashtag #CactusBlossomCardigan on Instagram to show off your makes!
  • Shop Furls Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks here!
  • Shop WeCrochet Swish DK here!
  • If you have any pattern questions, then please email herrstitches@gmail.com.
  • Do you want another easy crochet cardigan pattern? Check out my other simple crochet patterns here.

Fall Crochet Patterns

In this issue, there are eleven different designs featured (7 garments and 4 accessories)! For each garment, there’s a style guide that gives you outfit ideas and suggestions on ways to pair the piece with other clothes to ensure that it doesn’t end up at the back of your closet! There’s also a custom fit guide that offers ways you can customize each garment – changing around aspects like stitches, hems, and sleeve lengths – to make it fit perfectly and be truly one of a kind. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, each design comes with a fun fall recipe submitted by the maker. Cozy sweaters and fall treats…what an amazing combination!

Fall Crochet Patterns


My submission for this issue of Crochet Foundry is the Cactus Blossom Cardigan. It’s a simple but striking knee-length cardigan, a piece perfect to your fall wardrobe. The yarn I used was WeCrochet Swish DK in the warm, timeless “Allspice” color. This yarn is very affordable, which is obviously ideal for making a knee-length garment like this one that requires you to purchase more skeins than a typical sweater would. It also comes in 40+ colors, so if you like your fall and winter clothes in pink or bright green, you have some options!

crochet cardigan

Furls Crochet Hooks

My hook of choice was the Furls Streamline Wood in ebony. I can’t recommend this hook enough for this garment because it makes easy work of the slip stitches that are usually very tough on the hand. It’s lightweight but has a thick and sturdy handle that makes it extremely ergonomic. If you want some more information on how amazing Furls Crochet hooks are, check out my blog post where I detail 3 different types of Furls hooks!

Fall Crochet Patterns


The stitch I used to create the Cactus Blossom cardigan is called the “etched ridge”. It involves combining the half double crochet stitch and slip stitch. That probably sounds very challenging and impressive, but I assure you, it is super beginner-friendly! However, when people inevitably ask you about this eye-catching and intricate pattern, you don’t need to share how making it was really quite simple. And if you love this stitch, check out the Snow Day Sweater for a cool pullover version of this crochet cardigan!

fall crochet patterns

Amazing Fall Crochet Patterns

Be sure to check out the Fall 2021 Edition of Crochet Foundry for my Cactus Blossom Cardigan and many more fantastic size-inclusive pieces ideal for autumn days of picking apples and carving pumpkins. It will be a content packed issue that will be useful and inspirational to any crocheter. Plus…spoiler alert…I am revealing to the world for the very first time my family secret recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, and the magazine is worth checking out for those alone!



P.S. I absolutely LOVE seeing your makes! If you make any Herr Stitches patterns, then tag me and I’ll share them!

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