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A Unique Crochet Pattern: Faux Fur Quarter-Zip Pullover

The Luxe Pullover, so unique, so fun! And it even has a functional zipper! This faux fur crochet pattern will leave you with a quarter-zip pullover that’ll be your new favorite crochet project!

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  • If you want a PDF of this faux fur crochet pattern, then you can find it on Ravelry and Etsy – keep reading for more information about the design!
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  • Shop WeCrochet Fable Fur here!
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Fun Faux Fur Crochet Pattern

One of my favorite parts of winter is wearing thick, cozy jackets. My front closet is packed with coats in a wide array of styles and colors. However, my absolute favorite are my faux fur ones. Jackets like that were inspiration for the Luxe Pullover, a snuggly crochet quarter zip that’s glamorous and, more importantly, cozy! It is a super unique garment that does not look like a crochet piece at all. This pullover brings elegance to any outfit, even the “Saturday morning grocery run” outfit.

faux fur crochet pattern


The yarn used in this crochet quarter zip design is the fabulous WeCrochet Fable Fur yarn. It is a super bulky 100% polyester faux fur yarn (no animals were harmed in the production of this pullover!). The bulkiness of it allows your project to work up quickly. I had never used it, or any fur yarn, prior to this project, but I am now in love. It is super, super soft and fuzzy. If you crochet with a pet on your lap, don’t be surprised if you look down and realize you’ve been petting the yarn for the last half hour. Plus, unlike our beloved cats and dogs, this yarn does not shed.

It comes in over a dozen different colors, which is really amazing for a more exotic yarn like this one. I’ve made a Luxe Pullover in Corvo (black) and one in Eisbar (white), but there is a ton of other great options, including some very subtle earth tones and even a couple of pinks!

Fable Fur is not too expensive, which is good because for this project you will need quite a few balls of it. Most people use this yarn for trim or to add flair to a more traditional crochet garment, but I decided to try making an entire project out of it. And I was glad I did, because it turned out great!

faux fur crochet pattern

Crochet Hook & Stitches

I crocheted the Luxe Pullover using one of my trusty Furls Streamline Resin hooks. They are designed to be more comfortable to hold than thinner hooks. Additionally, they look great, and it’s important to look great when you’re making a sweater that will also…look great. LOL. (Check out this post I did on Furls Crochet hooks to find out more information on why I think they’re fabulous!)

This fabulous pullover is crafted using double crochet stitches. That’s it – just double crochet, nothing crazy or complex. And really, it’s better to keep it simple with fur yarn until you’ve worked with it for a while. There is a little bit of a learning curve to it. Unlike traditional yarn, faux fur yarn requires you to “feel” each of the stitches as you go.

The zipper at the top can be purchased off Amazon or at your favorite local craft store. It’s very easy to install and requires only some basic sewing skills. I wouldn’t even spend the time breaking out the sewing machine for this one; it can be hand stitched pretty quickly.

The finished product is really unlike anything else I’ve ever crocheted. The thick bulkiness of the yarn makes it look like a solid fabric and you would have no idea it was actually homemade crochet. It’s definitely a great project to take on if you want something a little bit different from the normal realm of crocheted garments.

faux fur crochet pattern

I hope you love your faux fur crochet pattern!

There’s something about faux fur that makes it so special – maybe it’s because it’s both luxurious-looking and incredibly comfortable. It’s like sweatpants you can wear to formal events!



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