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Yarn Bowl Guide: How A Yarn Bowl Works & Why You Need One!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. Introducing… A Herr Stitches Exclusive… GLITTER YARN BOWLS! In my opinion, yarn bowls are the most underrated maker tool. Whether you’re a crocheter or a knitter, they’re a great option to keep your yarn mess- and tangle-free as you’re using it. But if you’re wondering “how does a yarn bowl work?” and “why do I need one?” then keep reading!

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How Does A Yarn Bowl Work?

In my opinion, yarn bowls are the most underrated crafting tool! As fiber artists, we treat ourselves to fabulous yarn and beautiful crochet hooks and knitting needles, but as we work, we tend to let our yarn ball roll around our living rooms, collecting dirt and debris as it does. That’s where a yarn bowl comes in!

They are round bowls designed to hold your ball of yarn in place as you work on your favorite hobby. This prevents your stunning yarn ball from becoming covered in dust balls, pet hair, or just becoming a tangled mess.

Not only is it functional, but the best yarn bowl is decorative, as well! They are a great way for you to store your crochet or knitting project in plain sight within your home while looking fabulous doing it. Cute & functional?! Yarn bowls (especially beautiful yarn bowls!) are an ESSENTIAL! Why settle for a plain one when you can opt for beautiful yarn bowls? A beautifully crafted yarn bowl not only amplifies the aesthetic appeal, but it is also a great tool to enhance your crafting experience. Its superior design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space, thereby inspiring your creativity.

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When you are looking for good qualities in a yarn bowl, one of the most important ones is the weight of the bowl. You want a HEAVY bowl that will stay in place as you’re working. That’s why I designed my yarn bowls to be about 1.5 pounds – so they stay put as you’re knitting or crocheting! Nothing is more annoying than your yarn bowl sliding around your living room! Previously, I had been dependent on a wood yarn bowl or a plastic yarn bowl, but I really disliked how light they are. Everytime I pulled on my working yarn, the yarn bowl would fly off the table. So it’s key to look for a larger bowl that is heavy when you’re shopping for a good yarn bowl!

What Type Of Yarn Can I Use?

You can use any yarn in a yarn bowl, but I feel like worsted weight & DK weight work best for an average yarn bowl! However, you will want to stick to either balls of yarn or cakes. Skeins of yarn don’t stay in any yarn bowl super well since they are rectangular and sort of bounce around the bowl a little bit.

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How To Use a Yarn Bowl?

Most yarn bowls (including mine!) have a swirl on the side of the bowl. This swirl is decorative AND functional! To use it, you will place either a yarn ball or cake of yarn into your bowl and thread the outer end of the yarn through the swirl on the side of the bowl. After that, you will simply begin knitting or crocheting with that end of the yarn and pull the yarn out of the bowl as you work on your knitting or crochet project. Because of how the bowl is designed, the yarn will stay in as you work without tangling!

Benefits of Using a Yarn Bowl

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how does a yarn bowl work

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