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Pattern Testing: What is it and why it’s important?

Picture a world where designers and manufacturers neglected to test any of their products before putting them into production. Cars wouldn’t make it off the dealer’s lot. Appliances would fail catastrophically on their first use. People would be breaking out in rashes from unproven skincare products. So, of course, every brand extensively tests their products before releasing them into the world at large. The realm of crochet and knitwear is no different. Before a pattern for a new garment can be put out for others to create and enjoy, it must first go through extensive pattern testing.

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Pattern Testing

The Process of Pattern Testing

The pattern testing process involves experienced members of the crochet and knit community creating the garment in a chosen size. Following the instructions provided to them by the designer, these diligent crocheters and knitters keep an eye out for any mistakes or problems with the pattern. They then report any issues back to the designer, who sometimes needs to then reach out to all the other testers and let them know what to change.

The pattern testing process involves a lot of back and forth between tester and designer, who needs to be ready to answer questions quickly and at almost any hour (we all love those nighttime crochet sessions, right?). Once the tester has finished the garment, they provide photos of their creation back to the designer along with their notes about the pattern, including any changes they might have made. This allows the designer to put out a pattern that has been successfully created at least once in every size, thereby ensuring high quality and error-free designs. Furthermore, most patterns are graded utilizing the CYC Standard Measurements, and although helpful, these measurements aren’t perfect. Therefore, having someone give feedback on the fit of a garment is the best way to make a pattern great.

Pattern Testing

Who doesn’t love a free pattern?

Pattern testing is one of the many super cool things about the knit and crochet community. It allows for designers to have any bugs worked out of their patterns before they go live. It also allows the makers who sign up for the pattern test to get a firsthand look at the art and science of pattern design – plus, they get a never-before-seen pattern for free! Many crochet and knit designers, including me, have gotten their start doing pattern testing for other designers. If you are an experienced crocheter or knitter and you would like to test patterns for Herr Stitches, please fill out the Pattern Tester Application!



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Pattern Testing

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