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Your New Favorite Basic Crochet Sweater Pattern

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. Introducing… THE HONEYBEE CARDIGAN! This super easy, basic crochet sweater pattern will be your new favorite crochet project. It’s an amazing “watch TV while you crochet” kind of project. Let’s be real, those are the best kind!

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  • If you want a PDF of this basic crochet sweater pattern, then you can find it on Ravelry, Etsy and WeCrochet OR get an even bigger discount HERE where you can get 2 PATTERNS for the price of 1! – keep reading for more information about the design & supplies!
  • Add your finished project and view other completed projects on Ravelry here.
  • Use the pattern hashtag #HoneybeeCardigan on Instagram to show off your makes!
  • Shop WeCrochet Galileo here!
  • If you have any crochet pattern questions, then please email herrstitches@gmail.com.
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Basic Crochet Sweater Pattern

The Honeybee Cardigan is meant to be that cardigan you grab as you’re running out the door because it just goes with everything. It’s the one you grab when you think “oh maybe the restaurant will be cold” or “oh I’ll need a sweater when I take a walk around town tonight”. You know the one. It’s the one you wear the most because it just goes with most outfits and looks the best because it’s so simple.

I absolutely LOVE the hem of this design! it looks complicated, but it’s literally just a series of half double crochet stitches and chain spaces. The hem reminded me (and my friend Carly!) of a honeycomb, and thus the name Honeybee Cardigan was born!

I find that I gravitate towards designs with simple stitch patterns because I like the meditative, repetitive nature of crocheting the same stitch for an entire garment. If I do a complicated stitch pattern, then I can’t watch TV while I crochet and that would take out all the fun for me! LOL. So the Honeybee Cardigan definitely falls into the category of “simple, meditative project” since it’s such a basic crochet sweater pattern.

Basic Crochet Sweater Pattern

Construction & Fit

The Honeybee Cardigan is slightly oversized with 2-4 inches of positive ease. It’s meant to be a light & breezy cardigan that you can wear in the Spring/Summer months. The construction is ideal if you’re looking for an easy crochet project! It’s made in 3 separate panels: one back panel and two identical front panels. That’s why this is a great easy crochet cardigan for beginners! The cool thing is, when you seam the panels together, you leave the bottom hem unseamed so you have a super awesome split hem on the sides. Finally, the sleeves are worked in rounds directly into the armholes. I love this method of crochet sweater design because it allows you to try on the sweater as you go so you get the perfect sleeve length.

Basic Crochet Sweater Pattern


For this easy crochet sweater, I used WeCrochet’s Galileo yarn! Galileo is an absolutely amazing blend of Merino wool and bamboo.  The resulting sport weight yarn is silky, shiny, and luxurious.  It’s perfect for almost any project, especially lightweight cardigans and shawls.  It comes in almost 20 different colors, so you can really let your creativity run wild with this yarn.  My favorite parts are the brilliant sheen and the drape the bamboo creates in the fiber.  Amazingly, it does not have a propensity for pilling or splitting as you’re working with it (any crocheter knows how annoying that can be!).  Although it appears delicate, the yarn is quite strong.  Ideal for beautiful crochet projects that will be built to last!

Basic Crochet Sweater Pattern

Crochet Hook & Stitches

It will probably shock no one when I say that what crochet hook I used for this project – a Furls Streamline Resin! These hooks are my absolute favorite and I use them for every single crochet project. I have a set I received about a year ago (Shout out to my parents for the amazing birthday gift!) and honestly there has been no looking back. These hooks are stunning and crocheting with them is a breeze because of the thick handles. Check out the post I did comparing different Furls crochet hooks here for more information!

The stitch I used for this fabulous basic crochet sweater pattern is none other than the half double crochet stitch! I absolutely love the fabric the half double crochet creates because it’s always super drapey (like a double crochet) but not quite as loose (like a single crochet). So it has all the best qualities of the basic stitches rolled into one. If you like this stitch, check out the Snow Day Pullover and the Stripe Into Spring Cardigan too!

easy crochet project

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easy crochet project

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